At The Earthing Specialists Limited we pride ourselves in the production of efficient and economical designs, which consider the safety of people, equipment, livestock and the environment.

We work seamlessly between disciplines allowing the earthing design to be completed in concurrence with the structural, civil and electrical designs. This results in an earthing system which considers all aspects of the design and allows for a timely and cost effective delivery.

The law dictates that networks must be safe - this means they require earthing systems designed and tested to:

  • Avoid hazardous stray voltages
  • Prevent damage to equipment
  • Provide electrical safety to personnel and livestock


Our engineers have the ability and equipment to complete soil resistivity measurements and produce a soil model.


A representation of the site is modelled in AutoCAD and imported along with the soil model into either XGSLab GSA_FD or CDEGS-MALZ which is used to calculate the earthing resistance.


Voltages induced on services and fencing from incomers or feeders can also be calculated and the resultant risk quantified.


A complete earthing survey to ensure your electrical system is safe and compliant with the industry standards.